Greeting cards, in various formats.

Birthday Card 1 -- Oh by the way Happy Birthday you silly old thing

This one started as a custom card for a friend, then got carried away into a render, a motion graphics video, and a generic reusable card. The video card is intended to play on a loop, and comes in vertical and horizontal edits.

The concept is colorful reflective metallic writing inside of a disco ball, set in motion on a loop.

The original customised version of this "card" was given to a friend as an A1 size digital print poster, with an incidental USB stick containing the video file. OMG LOL, was the intended response, which matched the actual one.


Blank Card 1 -- line art

Wanted to make a downloadable greeting card that can be printed from a PDF file. The cover design comes from previous projects.

The output is a blank card, to be printed with a color laser printer on good quality card paper (300gsm) then folded.