Sep 15, 2017

Friday wrap

Yep, newmanx is now powered by AMD Ryzen. The word had been trending so hard lately that I had to recognise it as a worthy game changer. I've done my research and drafted a wishlist of parts for building a box. Now I know that in a few months time none of this is gonna matter, but for living in the moment one of the immediate huge advantages in moving from my longtime held laptop ideal to a desktop workstation is the ability to render faster. It also means more opportunity to make more varied and complex works, like this test drive.

A few things going on in these scene, but the main reason for designing it was to show off the background. Earlier, I noticed that is doing a nova star burst style thing for some of their artwork this year. It caught my eye and gave me an idea. I wanted to see how quickly and flexibly I could replicate this in Inkscape. Also I needed something for a weekly instagram, so a few boxes were ticked.