Feb 17, 2017

On typography and rendered word art

Fancy looking motion graphics are all over the TV, flying, zooming and adding lots of punch. It is amazing how much visual impact you can get out of simple words if you just do them in 3D. It is words, and art, but is it word art or typography? In any case, here are some tips on how-to:
  1. Background: Create a complex looking background. Add a mesh, subdivide it, select random, and move up them up a nudge, just to get your triangles visible. Copy paste the mesh and flip it 180 to increase complexity with a sense of symmetry. Play with the material properties of both meshes to get a good color combo and a small amount of reflection. Render it. Import it via File, Images as Planes (ticked in Preferences Add-Ons) into your words project.
  2. Words: Add your message of inspiration. Extrude, bevel, white, reflection. Copy the words, stack them, and change render to halo to get your vapor trails, adjust material color and transparency, and extrusion.
  3. Sky: black
  4. Camera: orthographic
  5. Light: Sun, adjust it to get shadows and complete scene illumination
  6. Grounding: Remember that the objects in the scene need a sense of connection and real-like-ness, hence the shadows and reflections. Otherwise you might as well had done this sort of thing in photoshop, where layer 1 sits on top of layer 2.

Getting this far, you are only one step away from motion graphics. To animate it just add a keyframe into your timeline, move the camera, add another keyframe, click Animate, and WAIT! LOL.

This is not orthodox flat typography made of pure letters. Rather this has one foot in Type and the other foot in the realm of 3D, but it illustrates my point that is, you can do amazing looking graphics out of relatively simple things!

Screenshots: background composition and final scene