Dec 7, 2017

What day is it

How many times did you find yourself looking around for a stick, when you needed a stick to solve a simple problem.

Well I have an unverified memory of the countless times wishing I had a cover sign that said something simple like Wednesday, to not too subtly conceal something that spoke about that day, like on Instagram.

So this problem now looks solved.


Nov 2, 2017

Lada Dedić

This week I documented Lada's works, which are a unique combo of MRI scans of the artist's brain reproduced in cross-stitch.

Oct 27, 2017

Friday clip

Earlier this week I allocated 30 min to make a quick end of day clip. Got most of the concept onto the screen quickly enough, but the background tweaking took longer.

And after you're basically done with a scene, you can look around and purpose some potentially funky backgrounds. In this case, the torturous (the blue thing in the video clip) proved to be interesting.

Oct 23, 2017 v4

The Brief:
  • Upgrade website, from Google MDL to MDC.

  • Site rewrite with elements selected to maintain the same functionality and the single page format.