Sep 15, 2017

Friday wrap

Yep, newmanx is now powered by AMD Ryzen. The word had been trending so hard lately that I had to recognise it as a worthy game changer. I've done my research and drafted a wishlist of parts for building a box. Now I know that in a few months time none of this is gonna matter, but for living in the moment one of the immediate huge advantages in moving from my longtime held laptop ideal to a desktop workstation is the ability to render faster. It also means more opportunity to make more varied and complex works, like this test drive.

A few things going on in these scene, but the main reason for designing it was to show off the background. Earlier, I noticed that is doing a nova star burst style thing for some of their artwork this year. It caught my eye and gave me an idea. I wanted to see how quickly and flexibly I could replicate this in Inkscape. Also I needed something for a weekly instagram, so a few boxes were ticked.

Aug 24, 2017

Tethered Desk Leds

Yesterday I had a quick revisit of tethered shooting [link]. The principle is that your rather expensive SLR camera is connected to your PC via a USB cable, a bit like a very inexpensive webcam. The up side is that you can control each snap from your desktop, the image transfers automatically, and work on them immediately. Simple, right?

The leading software to do this is Capture One, and I'm sure that it works brilliantly with the latest Phase One camera. However, most of us table top shooters in the wild out there have to settle a more modest mixed bag of tricks. Consequently we also have to put up with having to recover from random crashes anywhere between the camera and the workflow software, and if you get the setting just right it kind of works.

Here is something I made as a by the way. And yes, the title is a bit of a nonsequiteur.

Aug 15, 2017

How to make a better rising sun graphic

Graphic patterns like the radial ray background are timeless and all over the internet. They seem to have been trending for decades, and now is no exception. So being able to produce them is a handy skill when needed.

With a bit of effort we can prevent examples like this from happening:

... and get something with more pep, like this:

Jul 28, 2017

Astroturf Green Spaces

After a bit of initial play with grey squares and cubes arranged into squares, a pattern of a Brutalist city block started to emerge. The next question was how to introduce color and life into the mass. The concept of astroturf presented as a solution.

These were rendered in 8K.