Jun 1, 2017


What can you do when one square leads to another?

While on the case debugging an unrelated render scene, I may have gone a bit nutty with squares. It started looking like an interesting perspective had soon taken off on a tangent and ended up eligible as screen wallpaper material and a tile.

May 26, 2017

Scenes in a timeline

Using Scenes is a great way to assemble content into a Blender VSE timeline. Just 2 notices: 1) each scene in your project has its own video sequence, so you need to add an extra "All" scene into your project and use that to put the other scenes into and then render just the All scene. And 2) if you have a Rigid Body World in any of your scenes (gravity interactions) then you need to play each of them first in Default view before you render, else you don't get the physics.

Mar 22, 2017

On the value of simple characters

Getting creative with 3D has a striking likeness to play, especially when creating a proto character and coming up with a caption for your Instagram. Using b3d the process can be a breeze, before you get stuck on refinements.

In this instance, it would have taken me under an hour to come up with an arrangement of blocks that resembles a simple robot, and take a few pictures from different angles for creative options down the road. What took a toll at the next step was experimenting with multiplying the character. Why? Because we can. Initially I started with the array modifier and duplicating the resulting lines to fill a square area. Maybe I should have stopped there. The results were OK but I wasn't feeling it. Then I tried using particles as the mechanism for multiplying the images. This was like falling into a rabbit hole for time expenditure. Noticing the apparent potential I had a hunch that it would be a worthwhile method to hone, but only time will tell.

This is a sample of what was produced.